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RG 235 – Creating Your Own Investment Tribe From Scratch w/ Travis Smith

Real Estate

Travis is the founder and CEO of Tribevest. He started his career at Morgan Stanley but realised that the quickest way to earn money was in private markets. He’s now a partner in several investment groups that he calls his Tribes, and he works on single family rentals, multifamily and commercial real estate. 

Travis wants to level the playing field and has realised that investment groups is the great equaliser, which is why he built Tribevest. This is a place where people can assemble their drive and run their investment group. Travis’ first dollar as a child was on a lemonade stand, but his first proper dollar came at 35 when he started a blog and made money through subscriptions and advertising. 

Travis spent 20 years doing corporate America and was doing deals with his investment group on the side. While he was really successful other people approached him and asked him to share his tips. They said that they had friends who could form groups and could he help them. He realised that this was  gap in the market that he could help with. He did about 20 deals over 12 years before Tribevest started. He’s been doing this for 2.5 years and has written a book ‘Hacking the American Mind’.

Top tips

  • Habit – 3 gratitudes each morning
  • Person – Pete Kite
  • tool – blogging
  • also on FB
  • Tribetrav on twitter