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RG 236 – Building Thought Leadership Platforms w/ Adam Adams

Real Estate investment

Adam is the host of the Creative Real Estate Podcast and founder of Blue Spruce Holdings. Since 2005 he went from part time to full time real estate investor ad has partnered in 7 multifamily syndicates with approximately 1400 doors, valued at over $100million. Blue Spruce focuses on finding ad managig apartment communities to allow investors diversifications of cash flow, tax benefits and time freedom. Adam made his first dollar as a child watering plants on his family farm.

Adam’s entreprenurial spirit came from his step dad who bought him some land in 2005 and he made a 1200% return on it in 2 years while he was at uni bartending. He netted $12k which was more than he made in a year and was hooked. His dad bought it for him but then he bought it from his father. He then went on to manage properties and followed Kiyosaki and skipped out single family and went straight to multi. In 2008 he bought his first apartment building, which wasn’t a great time, and then in 2015 he got into tax deed investing and did all sorts of things. He got back into real estate after the crash. Some properties he doubled in value but he also lost money during a Florida hurricane. 

Adam believes in the importance of a personal brand and no one is doing business with logos anymore. People are doing it wrong – they think they need to build the business brand and jam education down people’s throats but Adam believes you don’t need to do this. Your customers should see who you are – they want to see the real person. So do social media live videos, meet ups and podcasts. Pick one of these and get really good at it.

Taking the leap of faith is important but it’s event more important to do it consistently. When he started his meet ups he promised himself he’d do it every week for a year. He learned lots of things from his supergroup in Colorado;

  • Consistency – schedule for meeting up each week
  • Get the same people to come back repeatedly 
  • Make sure the group has a personal brand story – gives people the reason why they meet weekly

Top tips

  • habit – gratitude
  • person – parents
  • tool – VAs