RG 237 – The Time-Poor Professional’s Guide to Real Estate Investing w/ Chris Gray

Chris is the CEO of Your Empire which builds property portfolios for time poor professionals. chris grayThey do the searching, negotiating and renovating for the professional. Chris is also the host of Your Property Empire on the Sky News Business Channel for 10 years. He’s also the judge on The Renovators on Channel 10. Chris is a qualified accountant, broker and buyers agenda and starting educating himself about residential property in Australia, he started buying at 22 and he’s now semi retired at 31. Chris hols a portfolio of over $15 million and shares his insights on the Aussie real estate market.

Chris says that his biggest skill is that he has no emotion around his business. He started investing at 22 in the UK and earned £20,000. He worked out the scale in the UK and invested in homes rather than 1 bed units. As a first time buyer in the UK with no chain he bought a £100k property for £80k and made back his entire yearly salary overnight. He did it again and then went to Aus. By 31 he had 6 properties in the boom and was making $600k a year. After retirement he started doing extra work, he didn’t want to be an actor but he enjoyed seeing how films are made. He got chatting and heard about a job on Channel 9 where they needed an expert on real estate. He was an independent person not trying to sell anything so people trusted him. He built a name through TV and then started teaching. Some wealthy people don’t have time to learn or deal with agents so he does it for them.

Top tips

  • habit – motivation through having so much debt
  • person – Someone who ran a seminar and taught Chris a lot
  • tool – honesty and ethics
  • yourempire.com.au

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