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RG 239 – The Billion Dollar Agent w/ Dan Lesniak

Investing in real estate

Dan is a billion dollar real estate agent and best selling author, investor, developer and coach. Dan has a hyper local strategy with his business partner Kerry. He has a team of over 80 employees and brokers and a combined sales volume over $400million annually. Dan made his first dollar as a child on a lemonade stand.

Dan never thought he would get into real estate and went to school and then the Naval Academy. He has several degrees and then became a defence contractor and got an MBA at GeorgeTown. He had aimed to get into consultancy but at 2010 no one was hiring. His real estate side hustle became full time and he never looked back. In his first year he sold over $20million in volume and he met his wife would was a real estate agent.

The biggest thing he learned from his journey was narrowing the area of focus. Don’t get distracted in your first year – focus and then spread out later.

Top tips

  • habit – getting up early and writing down priorities
  • person – tony robbins
  • tool – zoom or phone
  • contact – thedanlesniak on social media