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RG 240 – The Politics of Real Estate Development w/ Doug McAllister

Key for a house

Doug is a pastor turned businessman, politician and author. His ministries took him around the world and then he became the Mayor of a town of 100,000 people and went to congress. Today he is president of Paradigm Companies which is a one stop shop for private equity and uses the last 4 years of experience helping other people succeed. He made his first dollar as a child door knocking for a school fundraiser.

Doug’s father was a pastor and he followed the same path and travelling around the world. He had a divorce and came home for a while and got into business glass etching. He sold the business in 2004 and got elected to office and moved into a real estate consulting role. By 2012 he retired from politics and went into more consulting. When he worked i town planning he saw that town planning could go from easy to difficult as soon as the town council was involved and this was why he ran for office. For a town to be successful it needs an entrepreneurial mindset and this needs to come from the very top.

Top tips

  • habit – list of daily tasks for the business 
  • person – god
  • tool – linkedin
  • Contact – linkedin