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RG 242 – Successfully Negotiating Seller Carry Back Financing w/ Zachary Beach

Calculator, pen and small house

Zach is relatively new to real estate and in this time he’s closed 100 deals. He is the author of the book The New Rules and he helps and coaches others. He made his first dollar as a child selling back the rogue golf balls to the local course.

When he came out of college he had a degree in marketing and finance and was bartending in Newport and doing personal training during the day. After 4 years he was burned out and so paired up with his father in law who was a successful person in real estate. He made calls to expired listings for 2 years and then moved up in the seller side of the business.

His business focusses on terms deals; lease options, owner financing and subject 2 deals, which are all creative financing. He works in single family residential with basic lease option deals. He gets his initial leads from his VA and then CRM automation and then does a person follow up call specifically looking for seller motivation. Once he has the property on contract he’ll look for a rent to own buyer and do a sandwich lease acquiring a contract with the seller and then make a profit and work with a buyer. The investor gets 3 pay days on each deal.

Top tips

  • habit – goal setting
  • person – father in law
  • tool – freedomsoft crm
  • smart real