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RG 243 – Automated Stock Market Trading w/ Laurens Bensdorp

Shaking Hands (House Sale)

Laurens is an expert at combining several non correlating trading strategies to achieve high returns no matter what the market is doing. He is the founder of the Trading Mastery School and the author of the 30 Minute Stock Trader. He has a new book on bear markets and how to make money in a downturn. He made his first dollar as a child playing ping pong at teaching others.

Laurens never went to university and started as a white water rafting and ski instructor at 22. His family had a small venture capital business that was in trouble and his dad asked him to come and help. He went home and jumped into something that was completely new for him, he’d always been good with numbers so he worked on it 18 hours a day. Part of the business was stock trading which grabbed his attention – he noticed that the family bankers were doing a bad job so he decided to liquidate the portfolio. Also on the side he became an independent trader – he failed when he first started but it was a great lesson to learn.

Top tips

  • habit – spreadsheet of goals
  • person – friend tom baso
  • tool – softwae to scan markets – he created himself
  • failure – not knowing his goals or objectives