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RG 245 – Wealth Without Wall Street: Building Your 5 Pillars of Wealth w/ Russ Morgan & Joey Mure

This week on the show I am chatting with two legends, Russ Morgan and Joey Mure, hosts of the successful podcast, Wealth Without Wall Street.

We all know the secret to wealth creation is getting your money working for you, and not for someone else. Both Russ and Joey are hugely passionate about providing the best financial insight and education for individuals, business owners and investors nationwide. They have created the Wealth Without Wall Street community to help others make better investment decisions and take control of their financial future.

We dive deep into the topics of:

  • Understanding the wall street mindset and how to avoid its pitfalls; 
  • Creating the 5 wealth pillars without the use of wall street;
  • The benefits of peer to peer investing platforms and communities;

And much, much more.

So what are you waiting for? Russ and Joey are truly top blokes who want to help the average investor.

Be Bold, Be Brave, and Go Give Life a Crack!