RG 248 – The Evils of Corporate America w/ Jerome Myers

Reed Goossens
February 24, 2021

This week my guest, Jerome Myers, has a heartfelt and emotional story of why he left the corporate America game and chose investing as a career instead. Jerome couldn’t stand the way people were treated in the corporates and even had to deal with one of his colleagues committing suicide because he lost his job. Luckily though, Jerome is now a successful real estate investor and gets to live out his childhood dream of helping people manifest the things they imagine and create social proof that dreams should be real. He drops by to tell us how to start an investing business from scratch and what newbie mistakes you want to avoid.

Jerome Myers (a/k/a “J”) is a developer of people and places. He is the founder and Chief Inspiration Officer of DreamCatchers and The Myers Development Group. Since leaving corporate America after building a 20MM division, J has become one of the most sought-after thought leaders in the multifamily development space. His company, The Myers Development Group, built a multi-million-dollar portfolio following the principles of Myers Methods.

This success has led to him being featured on top podcasts such as Best Real Estate Investing Advice Ever with Joe Fairless, Apartment Investing with Michael Blank, Multifamily Investor Nation with Dan Hanford, Target Market Insights with John Casmon, and at least two dozen others.

We dive deep into:

  • Why leaving corporate America was the best thing Jerome ever did.
  • How to start an investing business on a strong foot.
  • What mistakes people make when starting out.
  • Why people give up too easily.
  • You can’t just read books and listen to podcasts in order to launch an investing career.

So what are you waiting for?

Be Bold, Be Brave and Go Give Life a Crack!

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