RG 262 – What to Do When You Hit Rock Bottom – w/ Kent Clothier

Reed Goossens
June 2, 2021
Fail Success on chalkboard

The path to building a successful business is often riddled with mistakes. You will lose your footing at some point, but there are a lot of ways you can avoid the wrong moves. Listen to Kent Clothier and me as we talk about his journey to hitting rock bottom and rising to where he is today.

Kent Clothier grew up in an entrepreneurial world, having been raised by parents who ran a successful grocery business. Despite this upbringing, Kent lost what he worked so hard for when he decided to part from his multi-million dollar organization. Having hit rock bottom, Kent had nowhere else to go but up.

Now, Kent is the founder and CEO of Real Estate Worldwide, a company that focuses on helping other entrepreneurs and real estate investors unlock their potential and live their lives on their own terms. He is one of the few people that has been through hell and back to meet their entrepreneurial goals. And today, we are lucky enough to get to hear this story and learn valuable lessons from it.

Listen as we talk about the importance of valuing your time as an entrepreneur and how to build a business that works around the most important things in your life. At the end of the day, your family, your friends, and who you are as a person are more important than your business, and Kent is here to show us how you can focus on the core pillars of your life while building a successful business on the side.

Be Bold, Be Brave and Go Give Life a Crack!

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