RG 299 – From Airline Pilot to Real Estate Investor with Tait Duryea

RG 299 - From Airline Pilot to Real Estate Investor

Many of our guests have had non-real estate-related careers before delving into the investing world, but we don’t often get pilots on the show! Join me in welcoming Tait Duryea on the show, an airline pilot and real estate investor from Honolulu.

For many years, Tait Duryea has been a full-time airline pilot from Honolulu Airlines. But then, he discovered the wonders of investing in real estate, and the rest is history. Tait is the CEO of Turbine Capital where he helps other pilots secure passive income through cash flowing real estate—without becoming a landlord.

Tait loves traveling, his career, and spending time with loved ones. Just like many other investors, Tait has found real estate as an effective tool to build generational wealth while doing the things he loves. In this episode, we talk about being intentional with your time, jumpstarting your mornings, and, of course, how he invests in amazing deals with partner pilots.

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As you can see, having a full-time job—even one as time-consuming as being a pilot—is not a hindrance to creating financial freedom. So, click that ‘Play’ button, listen to Tait’s story, and find out how you can become a successful real estate investor while keeping your W-2.

Key Takeaways

  • Be intentional with your schedule; if it’s not scheduled, it’s not going to get done.

  • Stay diligent with your time, do time-blocking, and keep distractions at bay.

  • When you wake up in the morning, resist the urge to check your phone. It can transform your whole day.

  • Content creation is key to creating wealth for your investors.


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Podcast Transcript

Reed Goossens (00:00):

Good day good day guys. Now, before we dive into today’s show, I want to let you know that some of you may be aware that over the past eight years, I have built a substantial multi-family real estate portfolio here in the US worth over half a billion dollars. And in that time, my passive investors have received fantastic double digit returns, and now you too can invest directly into my deals for as little as $50,000. So if you’re an interested investor, head over to Reedgoossens.com.com to find out more that’s Reedgoossens.com. Now back into the show, Cognitive switching is, is a real problem. And I think that’s, uh, we’re more inundated with notifications and attention grabbing things than, than ever before. And our brains weren’t involved for it. There’s, there’s Thousands of studies on this that you can read. Uh, I think that Darren Hardy, uh, who’s a, who’s a coach and, uh, uh,

Tait Duryea (01:01):

A teacher does a really good job of, of, um, pointing out some really great strategies for, for cutting some of that stuff out for me. I think, uh, one of the big things in terms of not giving up too much is to be intentional about your calendar. Uh, you know, if it doesn’t get scheduled, it doesn’t get done. So, and that includes personal stuff. If you don’t it, if you don’t say yes to, uh, you know, a trip wherever with whomever that you want to, that you want to take, it’s not gonna happen. It’s just your time is gonna get filled up with, with, uh, remedial stuff.

Speaker 2 (01:45):

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Reed Goossens (02:05):

Good day. Good day ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to another cracking edition of investing in the us podcast from Los Angeles. I’m your host. Reedgoossens as always Debbie with us on the show. Now, I’m glad that you’ve all tuned into learn from my incredible guests and each and every one of them are the cream are the crop here in the United States. When it comes to real estate, investing, business, investing and entrepreneurship, each show, I try and tease out their incredible stories of how they have successfully created their businesses here in the US, how they’ve created financial freedom, massive amounts of cash, and ultimately created extraordinary lives for themselves and their families life by design. As I like, hopefully these guests will inspire all of my cracking listeners, which are you guys to get off the couch and go and take massive amounts of action. If these guys can do it.

Reed Goossens (02:54):

So can you now, as you know, I’m all about sharing the knowledge with my loyal listeners, which is you guys, and there’s absolutely no BS on this show, just straight into the nuts and bolts. Now, if you do like this show, the easiest way to give back is to give us a review on iTunes and you can follow me on Facebook and Twitter by searching at Reed goossens. You can find the show, every you podcast on iTunes, SoundClouds Stitcher and Google play, but you can also find these episodes for my YouTube channel. So head over to Reedgoossens.com, Click on the video link, and it’ll take you to the video recordings of these podcasts, where you can see my ugly mug, but the beautiful faces of my guests each and every week. All right, enough outta me, let’s get cracking and into today’s show.

Reed Goossens (03:39):

Welcome to investing in the US. My name is Reed Goossens, and we are coming to you live from I I R E C 20 20 2022, which is crazy to think that three years ago, this conference was the first time it was here, but now it’s been going for three years and I’m here with Tate. How mate. Awesome. The show. Thank you. It, it’s great to see you. Great to see you finally back in person. Very good. Look sitting next to me. Good looking Brewster. Um, everyone on Instagram. Hello. How’s it going? Uh, but we just wanna talk to you a little bit today about I’m I’m sitting people down, chatting with them, seeing how they’ve been going in their, their real estate businesses in their careers, but for people who don’t know who you are. Yep. Can you give us a little bit of background on what you do?

Tait Duryea (04:17):

Absolutely. So I am an airline pilot. I fly for Hawaiian airlines and, um, I’ve been there for a little over 11 years. Uh, I love my career, but I also love real estate and had I not gone into flying. I definitely would’ve pursued a career in real estate entrepreneurship. In fact, I, I wanted to go to business school here in, uh, in LA and, uh, I didn’t get in oh, so, well I, why? No, what happened? Uh, I don’t know. Um, probably a couple, couple, uh, lower than, than, um, you know, acceptable GPAs earlier on, in high school before I really, uh, you know, uh, went for it. But, um, I always had that passion for flying. I’ve got flying in the family. And so when I didn’t get into business school, it was like, Hey, why don’t I go try this flying thing out, totally fell in love with it.

Reed Goossens & Tait Duryea (05:02):

Um, and it’s just taken me on this incredible journey, um, over, over the past 15 years. So that’s awesome. That’s awesome. So where do you fly? Where are you based? And we’ll talk a little bit about what you, what company you’ve started. So, uh, I live part of the time in Honolulu, part of the time in lake Tahoe and the Nevada side. Okay. Based in Honolulu fly primarily all to the west coast. When I first started, I was on, uh, the 767831 airlines. Yep. As a first officer flying all over the world. Um, and now I am on the a 3 21 and I just go to the west coast and, uh, and it’s a blast bunch of numbers that made nothing to me. Yeah. Maybe you have a passenger have a couple, you have a couple pilots maybe listening in, they, uh, know what I’m talking about and you’ve gone on to start turbine capital.

Reed Goossens & Tait Duryea (05:45):

So talk to me a little bit about that and the transition and not necessarily the transition, but the, the want to go from a W2 into the real estate real work realm, specifically commercial real estate. Yeah. So the, the, the real estate bug never really went away. So even very, very soon after I got my job at the major airline, uh, started investing in my own deals, uh, bought a single family home. A couple of condos got started kicking around multifamily. And when I started going to conferences and getting really serious about this, uh, you four or five years ago, I learned about syndication. Yep. And the whole passive investing thing. And that was a huge turning point for me because, uh, before, you know, I was, I was working really hard and trying to learn the ropes by myself without a team, but I was really busy with my w two and traveling the world and having a great time, uh, as well.

Tait Duryea (06:37):

And it was really hard to, to find the time and dedication to, to get deep into active real estate on my own. Okay. And so I started getting very familiar, very comfortable with, uh, with syndicated opportunities and, um, eventually realized that there was an opportunity to teach other pilots about it because there was no one speaking to that professional demographic. There’s a, as, you know, a lot of, uh, private equity groups that focus on physicians or on attorneys, no one was doing this for the airline pilot crowd. And so I thought what a, uh, what a great way to give back yep. To a professional demographic who does very well in their w two, but may not necessarily have the, the time or the ambition to go out and learn how to, uh, gain real estate exposure their own. Uh, so we put, uh, turbine capital together, uh, in order to help airline pilots, uh, invest in, uh, commercial real estate passively.

Reed Goossens (07:26):

I, I, I think it’s really important for those people listening the importance. It’s important for the importance to understand where the niche and where your experience lies. Like for me, I’m a civil engineer. When I started investing in the US. It was because I wanna to educate people about the benefits of investing here. That’s the niche in the beginning. It changes over time. But for you leaning on your experience as a pilot, knowing that other pilots have questions about wanting to invest in commercial real estate, providing that platform, I think is really, really important to help make you stand out. Right. Absolutely. How has that been in that transition over the last couple of years? It’s been fantastic. I, I mean, yeah. I, I really think that when I first started the business, obviously it was, it was intended to be a platform for, for airline pilots.

Tait Duryea (08:08):

Uh, yeah. Military pilots, whoever, but I went a little bit too wide. I, I started thinking, oh, why am I, why am I going just to this niche? Why don’t I, I open it up a little bit and just say, high income professionals. Why tell you why? If you’re talking to everyone, you’re talking to no one, I love that. I love that. You know, you see this all the way up to fortune 500 companies, Nike doesn’t communicate to everyone. They communicate to people who identify as athletes. And if you, if you take your message, you take it too wide, you know, you’re gonna lose people because you’re not talking to anyone’s specifically. So once I, I sort of recommitted to making this four pilots by pilots and about pilots, uh, all the stars kind of aligned. And it, it really just opened up how many people started coming to you and thinking of you as a different, in a different light, because I know my transition out of structural engineering was very similar.

Reed Goossens & Tait Duryea (08:58):

Like read you, you’re in this box of structural engineering, that’s where you should stay. Right. Right. Don’t leave the box because it’s too confusing for me. So how is it with you talking to other pilots, like the hell’s tape doing on this real estate, this real estate stuff, you know, like get shut up tape, you know, like, so it’s, it’s kind of funny. I I’ve been in real estate for a long time. It’s all, like, it’s been a passion since I was a, a teenager. Um, and I’ve done quite a few deals, but I was never very vocal about it because I was just on my own. And so it was something that I had to actually start intentionally putting out there on social media and stuff to sort of like to, to sort of prime the pump and let people know, no, this isn’t someone who’s just decided to start doing real estate.

Tait Duryea (09:40):

And this is someone who actually has experience. So it, so, uh, I suppose there’s a bit of what I might call perceptual positioning. Yep. And that’s not to probably imposter monster as well. Like you don’t want to talk, you know, you know, the, the, what’s it, the taboo to talk about money. Right. And, and in, and, you know, around the water cooler. So absolutely. Yeah. Sorry, interrupt. No, no, no, not at all. You know, I mean, perceptual positioning, certainly isn’t something that, um, you know, I mean that can, can be skewed to say that you’re, you’re positioning yourself to be an expert in something that you’re not on the flip side. I mean, it’s very easy for, for people to go about their lives, not talk, not being public about something that they’re very passionate about and very, very, uh, you know, involved in. And that was something that I kind kind of had to change.

Reed Goossens & Tait Duryea (10:25):

Sure. Uh, intentionally. So how’s it been, we spoke before we press record the, the lifestyle by design. Everyone gets involved in real estate because they want to have this. They wanna quit the w two, they wanna, you know, go on great holidays. But, you know, I know personally, cause I know you personally, that you love to, to travel the world, but also this image of pilots who are traveling the world, having fun, go to cool places, seeing cool cultures. Yeah. How has that been to try and tread that line? And it is that part of your message? Absolutely. So it’s funny for me. I was discouraged for a lot of years, uh, by people who said, well, why would you wanna start a business? Why would you want to spend all this time investing in real estate when you already, you know, someone said to me, once, the only reason I’m working so hard is so that I can have a life that style that you already have because I’ve got plenty of time off, uh, you know, that freedom to travel all over the world.

Tait Duryea (11:16):

And I do get ago on these amazing holidays and, and I have an amazing, uh, group of family and friends that, that I go on these trips with. And so it, it was a lot of soul searching to say, okay, no, I do want to create something I want to give, give back to, uh, to other pilots, show them how, how we can create. We can be more than just a w two professional with a, with a pot of golden 401k at the end of our careers that you can create multi-generational wealth. I mean, you can, you can change the, the course of your family’s trajectory by digging into some of this stuff. And it’s important. And it was something that, that I, I was really passionate about. So for a lot of people who are stuck in a W-2 that they don’t like, they’re trying to use real estate as a wealth building vehicle so that they can get out of that career that they don’t like and achieve freedom, right.

Tait Duryea (12:04):

Financial freedom, location, freedom, time, freedom, relationship, impact, freedom. Right. Those, those things that, that everyone wants. Right. For me, I kind of already had a lot of that. Ofcourse I didn’t have, you know, as much wealth as I would like, I’d like to build, you know, we, we all do. Right. Yeah. Right, right. Um, and more humans, freedom of course, humans, we, we want to conquer the world. Right? Yep. So, so for me, it was more, uh, giving up of some of that freedom in order to build for the future. Uh, but also I, I have been very, very diligent to not give up too much. Uh, I am very intentional of, uh, making sure that, that we go on a trip, you know, three, four times a year, we’ll, we’ll do a big holiday. We’ll go sailing, we’ll go skiing. It’s very, very important to me that I, I nurture friendships of, uh, of people who are, are very important to me in my life. And, you know, the, the best way to do that is time management. And I struggle with that more than I think, uh, a lot of people, but, um, but being very diligent with your time, time blocking and staying away from distraction and mental clutter,

Reed Goossens (13:16):

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Reed Goossens (13:52):

So, so that that’s actually a nice segue into the next conversation is how do you do that? What’s the advice that you give to other people out there who are maybe in a w-2, exactly. Like yourself, let’s just for the record. You’re still in your w two. You still, I am. And I have no intention of quitting. I, I love my job, but you can add extra tools to your tool belt to make you more wealthy, but to help others at the same time. Absolutely. Right. Yes. Right. So, so for time management, how do you conquer that? You talk about CLA mental CLA up cognitive switching is, is a real problem. And I think that’s, uh, we’re more inundated with notifications and attention grabbing things than, than ever before. And our brains weren’t involved for it. There’s, there’s thousands of studies on this that you can read.

Tait Duryea (14:32):

Uh, I think that Darren Hardy, uh, who’s a, who’s a coach and, uh, uh, a teacher does a really good job of, of, um, pointing out some really great strategies for, for cutting some of that stuff out for me. I think, uh, one of the big things in terms of not giving up too much is to be intentional about your calendar. Uh, you know, if it doesn’t get scheduled, it doesn’t get done. So, and that includes personal stuff. If you don’t, if you don’t say yes to, uh, you know, a trip wherever with whomever that you want to, that you want to take, it’s not gonna happen. It’s just your time is gonna get filled up with, with, uh, remedial stuff. Yep. And then the other thing for me, especially being most of the time on a time zone, where, where when I get up, everyone else has a six hour head start, six to three hour head, start on me.

Tait Duryea (15:24):

It’s very tempting to roll over, check your phone. Yes. And see what sort of fires you put out. And then you put it down. You go make some put off and your head’s already spinning outta control. And to the, the single biggest switch for me of whether I have a great day or I have a so-so day, is if I can day, you can swear on the floor day. Exactly. Um, is just not touching my phone. Yeah. So you, when you wake up in the morning, it’s sitting right next to your head. Yeah. And it’s so easy to just, just make sure, you know, see, see if, Hey, did mom text me? What’s an email. Is there, are there any fires I need to put out? If you can just have enough self control to just leave it alone, go make some coffee, do some stretching, do some, some sort of morning routine and not look at your phone, even text, you know, do you put it on airplane mode?

Reed Goossens & Tait Duryea (16:13):

Absolutely. Yeah. And the new software update, uh, on everyone’s iPhone. And I’m not sure about Andrew Android, but iPhone just came out with a new update, very powerful, um, controls in terms of focus. So whether it’s personal sleep work, uh, who can get through your, so that your phone isn’t constantly notifying you because it’s a big distraction. So I, I, and completely empathize with that because I’m, so I’m very addicted to my emails and even being in LA yeah. I’m two hours behind Texas where my, my properties are, I have the same fear yeah. Of fire and the syndrome. I don’t know. Maybe we can coin that the fireman syndrome you’re always constantly like in this state of panic, when you wake up and say, I’m two hours behind. Right. Uh, and there’s a, there’s a really great point out there. I I’m gonna butcher the hell out of it, but it talks about like, you know, Australia is ahead of the us, but the us isn’t behind Australia.

Reed Goossens & Tait Duryea (17:02):

Right. And we’re all on the, we’re all on time already. Right. And trying to have that mental, like this, you need to be up and you need to be active when other people are active. And, and I think robbing yourself of that morning ritual. And I know personally, if I don’t do my meditation the morning and I, if I touch my phone on the dog walk or you, I, I can’t touch it the first hour. Right. I’ve screwed my day up. Totally. You know, if I don’t get to that meditation, but don’t get to stretch. I don’t, if I, if I sabotage the day with going to the phone or go in the emails, it’s always, it’s gonna be a day. Absolutely. Yeah. Yeah. Stressful. And, and you set your self up for that cognitive switching where you’re always, your, your brain gets that little hit of dopamine.

Reed Goossens & Tait Duryea (17:38):

Yep. And it’s looking for it all day. And like, for me, I’m, I’m really addicted to emails. Yeah. Uh, and, and I gotta stop, you know, being so addicted to them, you know? Yeah. Lucy occasionally will, will see me looking at my phone and uh, she’s like, what are you doing? And I’m like, I actually don’t know. Yeah. Yeah. What are you checking for? Dunno. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. It was just, yeah, just opened it out. Have it. That’s awesome. Yeah. That’s awesome. So, so going back to turbine capital and back to what you’re trying to build there, talk a little bit about what you are investing in today. Yeah. How the, how the year is gone. Uh, and then what you’re looking for in 2022. Absolutely. So, so really, you know, we are not an operator. Okay. Um, I have never been a true, you know, an operator. I own some of my own, my own real estate, but, um, I love the passive side. You know, it’s great to be able to leverage other people’s time experience teams, relationships teams, you know, I mean, so to me, it’s, it’s, it’s the best investment vehicle in the world. Uh, I haven’t found anything better. I’ve been looking for a, for a long time. And, um, so what, what I wanted to build, I was a, a fund in order to pool.

Tait Duryea (18:44):

Pilot capital invest as a group, as a group, we can command better terms, uh, get more our attention. We can have deeper access to due diligence with, with operators because instead of Tate saying, Hey, I’d like to invest 50 grand. Hey, would you mind if I flew outta that property and did a site tour with you? And, and, uh, oh, and I’d really like all the access to all your diligence files and, and the source documents of your feasibility study. They’re gonna say off me. Like, no, yes, I will tell you. But if I come with and say, Hey, we want to cut a $3 million check, but we’re gonna need to look under the hood a little bit, uh, and create a good relationship, a working relationship, a working relationship. Exactly. Uh, it’s gonna be a much different conversation, right? So, so that’s what we’re trying to create is a win, win, win situation between our investors who may not even know that this stuff even exists in the first place, or if they do, they may not have as sophisticated, uh, ability to conduct due diligence.

Tait Duryea (19:40):

I mean, we’re hiring outside contractors to review underwriting files and do financial stress testing. Right. So stuff like that in, in addition to physical site visits and talking to, um, property, a managers and things like that, uh, it’s a win for the operator because, uh, you can focus on doing what you do best, which is going out, finding great deals, buying them and, and, uh, making them sing. And it’s a win for us because we’re, we’re able to leverage, uh, some of the Delta between that, that preferential treatment, what we can get as a fund. So, uh, how much would you, how much have you raised in 2021, 2021? We raised, uh, 2.5 million ish. That’s fantastic. Uh, yeah, along with our partners, we placed, uh, 5.38 million in capital with operators. Yeah. That’s fantastic. That’s and that was, is that, was that really a first year of that was the first real year in operation.

Reed Goossens & Tait Duryea (20:31):

Yeah. And we haven’t really turned on much of a, a marketing engine yet. Um, 2022 is all gonna be all about content creation, like this, getting the word out, sort of, uh, and, and building out a, a more robust team. That’s awesome. Who talked about team? Cause we talked a lot about, uh, Ryan from Spartan capital over here earlier. I know you’re investing with, with Spartan. We have, uh, done four deals with Spartan. Yeah. We can’t say four deals. Spar enough. Good things. Yeah. Yep. But talk about what the team looks like for you in 12 months, time to help you get to your goals. Yep. So 12 months time. So, uh, you know, a big part of what we do is marketing. You know, it, it, uh, I, I I’ve said that, you know, I, I, I probably was 12 months into this business and I realized that I have a marketing company.

Tait Duryea (21:16):

Yeah, yeah, that’s right. You have a monster company and, and it’s a media company, and it’s silly to say, because, you know, I want to have a real estate company. Right. You know, that is what we do. That’s what we focus on. That’s what’s I, but in order to, to educate people and in order to make deals happen, and in order to create wealth for our investors, we have to market, we have to effectively communicate, uh, what it is you want to, what it is we’re doing, what it is we want to do and why. And, uh, a lot of that comes down to content creation. Um, so we’re gonna be, uh, hiring a director of marketing, right? Social media manager, and some different people in sort of marketing roles. We’re also looking actively for an operations person because I’m very good with ideas. And it’s so funny.

Tait Duryea (22:04):

Uh, if you, the visionary, right. I am the visionary, I need an integrator. So if anybody is out there that knows, uh, you know, has a good integrator in mind that you’d like to send my way, I would love that. Okay. It’s funny. We were joking, Ryan Gibson and I are actually starting a podcast this year, income pilots. We’re gonna co-host it. Uh, this was originally I was gonna do it. And Ryan, I interviewed him as one of the, uh, pilot episodes, unintended, excuse to be excused upon. And he said, Hey, do you want a co-host? And I’m like, absolutely. Yeah. So that’s gonna be a blast, but he was joking because he’s a VI visionary. And um, he goes, man, we are the same person. I’m like, that’s great. Cuz we’re gonna have a ton of ideas and nothing is gonna get done. Nothing’s gonna get done it gonna be whole to-do list.

Tait Duryea (22:45):

And it is just none of it gonna get done. That’s great. Did you ever reach out to those people? Well, no. I thought you were going too. So that’s what you, a team behind. We need a team behind this. Exactly. That’s awesome. So very, very excited to build, uh, build out some operations, uh, continue building business systems and AUM. What do you want to have management wise? Any sort of goals around that we’d like to place 10 million this year, 10 million. Yep. 10 million this year. I’d be very happy if you could exceed that. I would be ecstatic. Uh, and then we like to just keep that, that steady trajectory going from there. Fantastic. I love it. I love it. And what, and if I was to fast, forward to five years from now, what does a team look like? You still in Hawaii, you move in mainland.

Reed Goossens & Tait Duryea (23:22):

What’s sort of happening. So my other half Lucy is, yeah, I can’t set, go do a public. I got it. That’s right. But uh, delete that, delete that it is things are moving. Great. Uh, my other half Lucy is a residential realtor in, uh, in Hawaii. She’s uh, Australian as well. This Australian had import love you guys, they call us another Ja, just, just another Aussie. That’s right. That’s right. That’s right. She’s uh, she’s killing it. And uh, so if you, if you’re looking for real estate in Hawaii, definitely reach out. So yeah, Honolulu is a, a really great place and, and we’re loving it, but uh, lots of travel in the future, lots of growth and more conferences like this and rubbing shoulders with amazing guys like, like Reed and thank you and everyone else. But in five years, I, I think that we’ll probably be looking to, uh, bring somebody with a securities license onto the team.

Reed Goossens & Tait Duryea (24:15):

Okay. Looking to place maybe somewhere in the neighborhood of 50 million per year. Okay. Uh, you know, reach thousands of, of airline pilots and start really changing some logic. That’s awesome. That awesome. And I know that you are really lifestyle by design focused and you wanna continue having your intentional holidays. Yes. I love that. Yes. I think, you know, a, sorry, Americans, you just dunno how to holiday. Exactly. You dunno how to holiday. You gotta take time. Don’t take a week and think, oh, that was relaxing. Take a month, right? Yes. I just took three weeks to a straight was like three weeks is the longest period of time. You’re like, it’s actually not, I just took a month off. Yeah. Took a month off. Let the business coast, everything was taken care of. We didn’t have a raise going on. And uh, and we went, uh, skiing, Italy, uh, sailing in the sea shells and wow.

Reed Goossens & Tait Duryea (24:55):

It’s been, uh, it’s been a blast. So yeah. Take back your time. It’s you only get to live life once don’t get completely, completely caught up with, with work and grow and you, you burn your out as well. Every time you go on a, on an amazing holiday like that, you come back. So refreshed yes. With new ideas and uh, and you’re able to push forward even faster, uh, burnout. It’s a real thing. It’s a real thing. And, and, and it’s being intentional about what I like what you said earlier, having the intentionality of going on trips, because that’s what you like to get your juices from. Exactly. I personally do as well. I actually love going to, um, this is not, I love gonna through all countries because I get to see perspective, perspective is really important when we come back to our homes and understand what we have.

Reed Goossens (25:34):

Right. And we, we, we then more grateful. We don’t take things for granted. I love that. So I remember traveling to the Philippines on our honeymoon and we’re in the middle of nowhere and you know, like people are so happy to see us. Yeah. And like they have they living in a shack, right. They won’t take photos with you. They, and we wouldn’t be there without the power of social of social media. So I go for a bit of a tangent there, but I’m sort of more that that fuels me to come back and be grateful for what I have. I love that. Yeah. Love that. Awesome brother. We’re working. People reach you to continue the conversation they wanna be in your sphere. Where do they go? Easiest places, our website Turbine cap. Turbine cap turbine cap. Yep. Turbine capital was taken by some Swedish guy.

Reed Goossens (26:12):

Some I happen to be Swedish too, so we can talk, um, turbinecap.com, TURBINE CAP dot com. Obviously turbine is a play off of turbine engine, jet engines. Yep. Um, there, you can just hit, uh, join, simply sign up for our, uh, our monthly newsletter. You’ll see upcoming deals and sort of keep track of, uh, what we’re, what we’re up to. Uh, you can also follow me on social at turbine cap or reach out directly Tate Taitt turbinecap.com. Awesome stuff, man. Well, I wanna thank you so much for jumping on the show today. It’s a short, sweet episodes coming to your live from I I R E C 20 blast two. We’re having a blast here, people behind us. There’s hundreds of thousands of people behind us. Car is waving at everyone’s waving at us. Yes, exactly. But I, and again, thank you so much for taking some time outta your day tune in to continue to grow your financial ICU. Cause it’s all about here on this show. And if you do like to show the easiest way to give back is to give it a five star review on iTunes. All the show notes from today will be up on my website reedgoossens.com and we’re gonna do it all again next week. So remember be bold, be brave and go give life.