RG 307 – What Doctors Need to Know About Passive Income – with Dr. Jeff Anzalone

RG 307 - Doctors Need to Know About Passive Income

Everyone knows how much time you need to put into your job when you’re a medical professional. Dr. Jeff Anzalone knows exactly what it’s like to work super long hours with seemingly no way out. How did he manage to take the reins?

Dr. Jeff Anzalone is a periodontist and the CEO of DebtFreeDr.com, an educational resource where doctors and other medical professionals can learn how to create passive income. But before he got into real estate investing, Jeff followed the typical lifestyle of work, work, work.

With $300,000 in student loan debt and a young family to support, Jeff had to grind for years before he became debt-free. Along the way, he picked up a lot of investing principles that he now shares with other doctors and high-income professionals.

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In this episode, let’s take a look at Jeff’s journey from drowning in debt to being a successful real estate investor. Aside from that, we get to learn about Jeff’s personal principles on investing, running his business, and—something that we can all relate to—getting out of debt.

Key Takeaways

  • Focus on what you’re best at, then feed your extra money into investing.

  • Delegate your tasks to someone else so that you can focus on more important things, be it in your practice or your business.

  • Taking away the money issue in your life can help you do so much good for other people.

  • Find the people that you can trust, but make sure you consider your risk appetite.


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Podcast Transcript

Reed Goossens (00:00):

Good day. Good day guys. Now, before we dive into today’s show, I want you to let you know that some of you maybe aware that over the past eight years, I have built a substantial multifamily real estate portfolio here in the US worth over half a billion dollars. And in that time, my passive investors have received fantastic double-digit returns. And now you too can invest directly into my deals for as little as $50,000. So if you’re an interested investor, head over to reedgoossens.com to find out more that’s Reedgoossens.com. Now back into the show,

Dr. Jeff Anzalone (00:39):

Over 50% study, a show or 50% of doctors and other high income professionals are facing burnout. And if you’re going to work right now and you have as much income coming in from outside sources like real estate, as you do going there well, well, think about your stress level. Think about how you can approach your business. You know, somebody can afford something to my practice. Okay. I’ll do it for you for free. I mean, think about how much good you can do and provide if, if you can work like that, it’s, that’s just one less issue. I mean, you know, the, the number one cause of a divorce in America is, is money issues. That’s just one less issue, you know, that you have to deal with.

Speaker 3 (01:30):

Welcome to investing in the us, a podcast for real estate investors, business owners, and aspiring entrepreneurs looking to break into the US market, join Reed as he interviews go-geters risk takers and the best in the business about their journey towards financial freedom and the sheer joy of creating something for nothing.

Reed Goossens (01:50):

Good day. Good day, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to another cracking edition of investing in the US podcast from Los Angeles. I’m your host reed goossens good as always Abby with us on the show. Now I’m glad that you’ve all tuned to learn from my incredible and each and every one of them are the cream or the crop here in the United States. When it comes to real estate, investing, business, investing and entrepreneurship, each show, I try and tease out their incredible stories of how they have successfully created their businesses here in the US, how they’ve created financial freedom, massive amounts of cash, and ultimately Cat extraordinary lives for themselves and their families life by design. As I like to say, hopefully these guests will inspire all of my cracking listeners, which are you guys to get off the couch and go and take massive amounts of action.

Reed Goossens (02:37):

If these guys can do it. So can you now, as you know, I’m all about sharing the knowledge with my, our loyal listeners, which is you guys. And there’s absolutely no BS on this show, just straight into the nuts and bolts. Now, if you do like to show the easiest way to give back is to give us a review on iTunes and you can follow me on Facebook and Twitter by searching at Reed Goins. You can find the show, every you podcast on iTunes, SoundCloud, Stitcher, and Google play, but you can also find these episodes up on my YouTube channel. So head over to reedgoossens.com click on the video link, and it will take you to the video recordings of these podcasts, where you can see my ugly mug, but the beautiful faces of my guests each and every week. All right, enough outta me, let’s get cracking and into days, show

Reed Goossens (03:25):

The show. I have the pleasure of speaking with Jeff. Anzalone, he’s a, full-time practicing. Pediadontist in the great state of Louisiana. He’s also an author and the founder of debt-free doctor.com. And he’s focusing on helping doctors in other high in income professionals, correct passive income from real estate, so they can stop trading their time for money. And he’s so passionate that he likes to teach doctors about how they make more with, you know, other things outside of their 401k and stop paying interest in tax on their w two income. So with that being said, I’m really pumped and excited to have him on the show today. Let’s, uh, nothing of me. Let’s get him out here. Dr. Jeff, welcome to the show. How you doing today, mate?

Dr. Jeff Anzalone (04:04):

I’m doing great re thanks for having me, uh, looking forward to our conversation together,

Reed Goossens (04:09):

Mate. I love that accent. I know. I’m sure you get, like I do, you know, originally born and bred in Louisiana, the Southern, the Southern draw. Is that, is that right?

Dr. Jeff Anzalone (04:18):

Yep. Southern draw. I, I take it. You’re not from Louisiana

Reed Goossens (04:22):

West, west Louisiana, right?

Dr. Jeff Anzalone (04:24):

yeah. Uh, born and raised in the south. Uh, it’s funny how I’ll get interviewed sometimes on these and people will bring that up. I’m just not used to it, you know? So, uh, you just get used to it.

Reed Goossens (04:35):

No, that’s, that’s awesome. Same with me. I, I walk around and I open my mouth and they’re like, you’re, you’re a funny talker. with that being said, let’s kick the show off. And I ask everyone who comes on this show, rewind the clock. And tell me how you made your first ever dollar as a kid.

Dr. Jeff Anzalone (04:50):

It was probably at the age of about 10 or 11 cutting grass. Mm. Uh, my dad would load up the, the, the lawnmower in the back of his truck and drive me down the street, drop me off. I was still a little too young to, to work the weed eater and the blower, cuz he was scared that rocks would, you know, kick up and hit me in the eye. So he would do the weed eating. I would do, you know, push the mower. And then from there I, I wound up start, uh, started my own lawn service through high school college. And it really helped me, you know, go on to professional school after that as well.

Reed Goossens (05:25):

That’s that’s awesome. And, and I, I think that’s a, it’s funny, you mentioned, I, I love mowing. Uh, I, I grew up mowing. I had a small acreage with my dad and that’s sort of how we would bond. It sounds like you, you probably used that as well to bond with your dad. And you know, as a young guy, I remember being on the whip, we call it the Whipp N in Australia, but uh, yeah, making sure you weren’t on the Whipp ni because you could flick up and get you in the eye. You always have to wear protective. Uh, I, I, I wear or glasses mm-hmm um, but with that being said, I mentioned the intro, you’re a doctor. So clearly, you know, you went to school and you studied extremely hard to get to where you are today. Talk to me about that and, and your relationship with what you’re trying to build now in, in and around helping other doctors, um, invest in more passively into real estate deals.

Dr. Jeff Anzalone (06:10):

Yeah. And I think where, how I got started, if you, if you, uh, your listeners kind of little bit about my story, cuz that kind of leads us to there. But, um, couple weeks before I finished my training, I was supposed to come back here and join a group practice. So during, during that time, every, you know, three or four months, I would check in with them, how are things going? When I, when I came back here to visit, we would, you know, talk and stuff. So when I reached out to ’em, I, I finally got my graduation date and I said, Hey, look, you know, this is like on a, I’m graduating on like a Saturday. I said, look, I’ll, I’ll have the U-Haul packed up. I’ll be ready to work like on that Monday. And it was like silence. And I thought I lost the connection for a little bit.

Dr. Jeff Anzalone (06:55):

And then they come back and said something. They were having issues amongst themselves. It just, wasn’t a good time to bring on a partner click, like, okay, I’m finishing in two weeks, we have a two month old, $300,000 in student loan debt. And, but the thing is, when you go into dental school, medical school, law school, you learn your a trade. You don’t learn how to run a business. Hmm. I, I didn’t know how to start a practice, run a practice, nothing. And it was just like, what do we do? And we had already bought our first home, the guy, uh, that I knew the banker let me buy because he knew I was going in with that practice. So he said, yeah, we’ll figure out a way. This is before 2008, we’ll figure out away we’ll do interest only. And I’m like, so I’ve got all this debt and I’m like, what do I do?

Dr. Jeff Anzalone (07:44):

So that put me in a scarcity mindset frame set of mine. And it took, and I took that through my career for probably 12 to 15 years through my career. Just having that mindset, you know, things can be taken wait any minute. Mm mm. And so I was, I was a big Dave Ramey person back then. And you know what, 18, 20 years ago, that’s about, you know, he was the biggest guy back then. So I listened to him, you know, debt is bad, get outta debt, get outta student loan. Debt did all that. And then it was, I’m like, okay, well now what, and it took a, a minor snow skiing accident when I got off the lift, I fell and I, you know how, when you fall, how you put your hands out, bent my wrist back. And luckily it wasn’t anything major, but that was the first time thinking, okay, well, if I can’t use my hands, how do I, how do I provide for my family? It was real scary. And, and that was the wake up call going, you know what, that’s, that’s a risky way to live, but didn’t, you know, I only knew how to do my trade. You know, I only knew how to treat patients and that was it. And I guess cut grass but uh,

Reed Goossens (09:00):

Still using your hands, cutting the grass, right. Your hands. Yeah.

Dr. Jeff Anzalone (09:03):

But that, I think that was the looking back, that was a catalyst on getting me started on what could I do for income without working longer, more hours or shifts more jobs working on the weekends to, to start to supplement my income. And that that’s what really pointed me in the direction of real estate.

Reed Goossens (09:25):

Mm, no, it it’s a classic story. Right? Work hard, go to uni, get outta debt, you know, scarcity, it, it breeds scarcity, right? If you don’t have a job you’re gonna, something’s gonna happen. You don’t have your hands. Something’s gonna happen. You don’t, you get into an accident something’s gonna happen. You know, like always this constant fear around not having enough, uh, or not being able to make the bills, uh, get paid. And I could imagine having, coming at a uni and, and having a young family, you, you were in that stage of just like, oh, I gotta hold it on. I’ve gotta hold onto everything. Right. I can’t break out or can’t see clear enough, the, the clearing through the woods to go, there’s gonna be another way. So how long did it take you to get from that point? You, I think you mentioned 10, 15 years before you started to think there is another way.

Dr. Jeff Anzalone (10:16):

Yeah, it was, it was the, um, having the, the snow skiing accident and then maybe a year or two after that, after actually learning really starting to, cause at first it was kinda like, you know, I, I got a problem. I gonna do something about it. Kept putting it off, kept putting it off. And then finally I said, you know what? I really need to focus on this. So I’d probably worked for like 15, 16 years of the traditional go to work, uh, put your money in a 401k sort of job before I started really focusing on passive income creation.

Reed Goossens (10:51):

Mm. Yeah, no. And, and did that take a big mental shift for you? coming from where you were, where you started? The starting gate was scarcity. Just walk me through that shift because I think a lot of people, they know that there’s, they need to do more. They know that they need to create a buffer or they need to get outta their scarcity mindset, but that’s, there’s so much more to that than just, oh, I’m gonna, I need to go and be, I need to change my whole way. I brought up, I need to change the whole way that, you know, my 30, 40 years of upbringing of how I viewed it or how I view opportunity or how I view my job. It doesn’t just happen like that. I I’m sure there’s be a lot of internal struggle to really change that mindset because that’s ultimately what it comes down to to say there is another way and I can go off and, and, and do this successfully.

Dr. Jeff Anzalone (11:38):

Yeah. And thinking back on it, it was, it was three things, but it all kind of happened at once. Because when I started I’m, I’m used to going to seminars and meetings to learn, continue education. So I started going to meetings. The first two are in Dallas. So I’m only four hours away from Dallas. I would drive to Dallas and every speaker that would come up there and speak, every one of ’em would talk about, Hey, if you’re getting into real estate, it takes a mindset shift. They kept saying that I’m like, well, what are they talking about? Every one of ’em kept mentioning at point in their career, reading about rich dad, poor dad from Robert Kiosaki and talking about the cashflow quadrant. So I read those, read those books. So listening to that, them say that me reading the books and then looking at the cashflow quadrant, which is basically how we make our money.

Dr. Jeff Anzalone (12:31):

That was a shift because I went from being an employee. When I first got out, working for somebody, buying this building that I’m still in now being self-employed. I own the practice I own, you know, I hire and fire and all that, thinking that that’s the dream, you know, you get out, you, you become your own boss, right. Mm-hmm , but I’m nothing more than a glorified glorified employee. Because if I’m not here treating patients, you know, nobody gets paid. And, and that was the mindset shift. Like, crap, this sucks, this, this is not good. And that’s, that’s when it that’s when it really like, okay, boom, you really gotta do something now. Mm.

Reed Goossens (13:12):

How have you today? She shifted, you just mentioned glorified employer. Are you still practicing? I assume you’re still practicing. Right?

Dr. Jeff Anzalone (13:21):

Uh, I’m still practicing. And, and I, and I teach people, we’ve put in a lot of time, effort, money to get where we are in training. A lot of us get in a lot of debt, focus on what you’re best at, which is your trade. You know, for me is treating patients. You get really good at that. You can provide more value and you can make more, you make more, you can invest more. And I’m really big on, you know, doing that. And then, and, and for me really focused on any extra income goes into real estate, which as you’re working along the way, which I’m still practicing, but I slowly starting to replace my active income. Mm-hmm

Reed Goossens (13:58):

well, the, where I was going with that question was that I’m sure like EV like, like myself, you know, when you get, well, I remember getting into this business, sitting in se seminars and, you know, learning about financial education and increased my financial IQ, the blinkers start coming off. Right. But your blinkers would’ve come off and, and maybe it hasn’t happened yet, but you are in a situation where you are in a business. Right. You just mentioned you, you, you own the building, you own the practice. So surely there’s stuff you’ve been able to implement in your business today to help you free up some of that time to go off and help others. Because you know, you’ve been in the business for such a long period of time. You’ve gotta, you’ve got a name issue probably within your little sphere. Right. Mm-hmm that you, you, maybe you could bring someone on and you don’t work as hard.

Reed Goossens (14:44):

on the practice side. I, I just, because that’s, those are, those are the aha moments come and yet, but it seems like someone like yourself, you, you just happen to be in a like, oh, I’m in already in a business. I, I didn’t, you just started approaching your day job a little differently, and mm-hmm, maybe implementing processes or people or whatever it might be to help free your time up to go off and buy more deals or look at more deals or educate more people. I don’t know if that has that happened for you yet.

Dr. Jeff Anzalone (15:11):

It it’s, it’s in the wor it’s in the process of, yeah. The, the ultimate, I guess finish line would be getting somebody in to work for me where I can completely just work, you know, on the business. But I, I wrote down, this was years ago, I wrote down everything at my practice that I was doing. I didn’t wanna do anymore. Mm-hmm and I wanted to delegate, and I did that. And I said, look, you know, we had, it was like the 1st of January years ago, I said, Hey, yo, here’s our first meeting, by the way, I’m not doing these things anymore. Who wants to do ’em so I can focus on, you know, treating patients, not doing all this other stuff. And then that freed me up and that, and that’s given me extra time, I’m working 80 to 20 hours a week on the, the real estate business. So I’m, I’m able to work, you know, pretty much full time in my practice, but we, I condensed down now a lot more.

Reed Goossens (16:09):

It’s interesting what you just said. Um, I remember listening to someone and I’d do this once a year. And, and for all the listeners out there, if you didn’t hear, uh, what Jeff just said, he was writing down a list of things he didn’t like to do. Um, I was taught and it is black. There was a whiteboard in the background. If you’re watching this on YouTube, what you, I dunno, if you ever done this, Jeff, you do a, um, uh, a wide chart. I’m I’m a mathematical brain, right? So the Y on the Y chart is, um, moves the needle in the business, right on the X chart is enjoyment. And you break it up into four quadrants. So you’ve got the black at the top right hand corner, right? It’s the, it’s the highest use for the business, but you also enjoy it the most.

Reed Goossens (16:48):

Then you’re at the blue time, it moves the needle for the business, but you don’t really like it, you know, in terms of enjoyment, then you got red time, which is, it somewhat helps a business. You really don’t like it. And then you’ve got the green time, which is over, you know, it’s really enjoyable, but maybe not necessarily moves the needle in the business. And it’s black, blue, red, and green. And what you just described is in those quadrants, you write down all the things that you like to do as you move through the quadrants, right? You start with the black time, you start with what you like, you move to the blue, think of the blue, like a, a manufacturing warehouse or a manufacturing line. You need the man, someone on the manufacturing line to put the parts together, asset management, you know, deal finding whatever it might be underwriting, but it move.

Reed Goossens (17:28):

So you need it to keep the machine going, but you may not necessarily like it. So that’s in the blue time, the red time is administration stuff, accounting, stuff that you just don’t like to do. And then green time is I like surfing, right? I, I, I love it. It’s is what I do. And it, it helps makes me a better person may not necessarily move the business, but if I don’t have that time, um, so I just, I say that, and I reiterate that for the, for, for the audience, because I think it’s so powerful to do that consistently. And I was just taught it through, uh, a friend of mine to break it up into those quadrants. So did you, once, once sitting down and doing that, did you actually, were you able to hire new people within your practice to take over Lou or take over the red time? You know, things that you didn’t, you know, you realized you didn’t wanna do?

Dr. Jeff Anzalone (18:15):

Um, most of it could be done internally and what couldn’t be done in internally. We were able to outsource it. Yes. Got

Reed Goossens (18:22):

It. Got it. Awesome. Awesome. So let’s, let’s

Dr. Jeff Anzalone (18:25):

Give you example. Yeah, go ahead. One example was payroll . I was still doing my payroll.

Reed Goossens (18:30):


Dr. Jeff Anzalone (18:31):

on payroll. That’s

Reed Goossens (18:32):

Nuts. That would be a red time for me. Right. That would be a red, a, a red component.

Dr. Jeff Anzalone (18:36):

But, you know, I kind of enjoyed it, but I was like, it takes that too much time. Here’s the crazy part about it. When I called my accountant about it, they said, well, what you pay us every month payroll’s included. You didn’t know that no. Do you want us to do it for you? Yeah. When do you wanna start? Y you know, so boom. So just stuff like that, you know, ,

Reed Goossens (18:59):

That’s so funny. That’s, it’s, it’s it reminds me of just like you’re in your business so much, right? To your point earlier, you made earlier, you didn’t, you weren’t end to run a business. Mm-hmm , you’re just figuring it out along the way, because you have to get payroll, you gotta get people paid every month or whatever it is, and you think you’re doing the right thing. And all of a sudden, the left hand, ain’t talking in the right hand. And, uh, you realize that the, the accounting already does it. So, uh, I love that. Um, let’s pivot into what you’re doing today. You’ve now started to come into this education space. How are you finding it, educating other colleagues, people in your space about, about investing in real estate and, and, and how’s that conversation gone?

Dr. Jeff Anzalone (19:41):

It it’s it. I just go back to how I learn. It starts off with the awareness of how they’re making their money. And it’s really easy because over 50% studies show over 50% of doctors and other high income professionals are facing burnout. Mm.

Dr. Jeff Anzalone (19:57):

And they’re, they’ve only been taught one way, the, the 401k hope and pray to retirement way. You know, they, they hope they’re gonna have enough money. They hope they don’t run outta money when they retire, they hope to stop market it and tanking when they retire or we, or at war with somebody or whatever. But that option doesn’t give you, you know, any options to retire early or cut back or anything. It’s you gotta work till you’re 65 or 70. And, and there’s nothing wrong with that. But there’s, there’s so many things during your career. It’s like, you don’t know what you don’t know. I mean, you don’t know if you get, you’re gonna get fired. You don’t know if a pandemic’s gonna hit and we got shut down for two months. You don’t know if, uh, uh, somebody’s gonna get sick or injured or, or die.

Dr. Jeff Anzalone (20:44):

I mean, you don’t know. So if, if you’re going to work right now and you have as much income coming in from outside sources, like real estate, as you do going there well, well, think about your stress level. Think about how you can approach your business. You know, somebody can’t afford something in my practice. Okay. I’ll do it for you for free. I mean, think about how much good can do and provide if, if you can work like that, that’s just one less issue. I mean, you know, the, the number one cause of a divorce in America is, is money issue. That’s just one less issue, you know, that you have to deal with.

Reed Goossens (21:22):

For those of you who are interested in staying up to date with all the latest happenings in my business, or to learn more about passively investing directly into my multifamily value, add deals, then head over to reedgoossens.com and sign up for my monthly newsletter. By signing up, you’ll automatically be notified about my new up and coming investment opportunities. You’ll be able to stay up to date with all the latest real estate news here in the United States, and much, much more. So head over to reedgoossens.com and sign up today. Now, back into the show.

Reed Goossens (21:57):

Well, you mentioned that the, the one less issue, cause you were to think from an outside port of view, that high net worth earners doctors, especially wouldn’t have the money issue. Right. But they get, they, they have the stress side of it, which you gotta, you know, it’s a lot of pressure in, in making sure you perform and all that sort of stuff. So I think it’s really interesting. What, what are you, what have you created in terms of that education space? Is it, is it just around conversations? Are you creating material and courses for people to learn about what you are doing, being that you are a doctor?

Dr. Jeff Anzalone (22:31):

I started the, the website about four years ago. And it was about as I was learning about real estate and

Reed Goossens (22:38):

Re remind the listeners of the website again,

Dr. Jeff Anzalone (22:40):

Uh, debt free, Dr. Dot com. As I was learning about real estate, I would learn something let’s say cap rate mm-hmm most people don’t know what a it is. I didn’t know what a cap rate was. So I would go, okay, well, that’s one thing that you should know. I would, I would research it. I’d write an article on it. And then I would learn something about depreciation or passive income or whatever. And next thing you know, I’ve got over 300 articles and then last year I started a, a, I wanted to start a YouTube channel for years, but until I read the book by Ben Hardy, who not how I kept, you know, cuz whenever you wanna do something, it’s always like, well, you know, I don’t know how to do this, or I don’t know how to edit or I don’t know how to write the script or whatever that that’s, that’s a different shift of thinking. Don’t think about how you find a, who the, I can do it for you. Mm-hmm so like you had mentioned before the podcast, you know, you have somebody that’s gonna be editing and all this. I mean you just sit here and create the content and you found your who to do it. Right.

Reed Goossens (23:42):

That’s correct. That’s that’s exactly right. Yep.

Dr. Jeff Anzalone (23:43):

So, uh, I mean, I’ve got this, um, thing right here. I know if, if you’re watching a YouTube video it’s, you know, from Walt Disney, if you can dream it, you can do it. Yeah. You know, so all you gotta do is have an idea and you can find people to help you.

Reed Goossens (23:57):

That’s right. That’s right. And it, it goes back to that, what you were saying before, really being methodical about writing down what you don’t like in your business. And I, and I don’t know when, when you sat down and wrote that, were you conscious of what you were writing or you just like, I just, I just need to get it outta my mind and dump it on a paper to visually see it so I can then go and hire people around what I don’t like it was, is that right?

Dr. Jeff Anzalone (24:22):

I, I, I think I made it a point where like, I’m gonna stop doing the stuff I don’t like. And I would just, as I would do stuff during the day, I’d go, oh, I don’t like this and I’d write it now. Oh, I don’t like this. I’d write it down. so, um, but, but getting back on that book, um, after I read it, I was like, okay, LA, this was last year. I’m gonna start the YouTube channel and I’m gonna find a who. So I found my to help me with the, the editing and posting the videos and doing the thumbnails and all that stuff. And all I gotta do is make the content because I already had over 300 articles. I had all the scripts. So I’ve turned ’em into videos. And what I’ve noticed is cuz I, I do, I personally, I watch more YouTube videos and now I’m getting more comments and connections through the YouTube channel because when you see somebody like this, you know, it’s almost like you’re talking to ’em in person versus reading an article. Mm. You know, when you talk to somebody, you see their body language, you can connect with them more. And that, that has allowed me to make more connections and that’s really opened up things for me as well. So those two things, um, on my platform to educate the people, uh, about the real estate and passive income,

Reed Goossens (25:37):

That’s, that’s incredible. And it, so many questions come outta that. Did you, were you taught how to repurpose that content? Like

Dr. Jeff Anzalone (25:46):

Was I’m from Louisiana man. We can, we can barely put our clothes on straight . I mean, I’m I’m so it technologically stupid. I mean, it’s, it’s bad. So I, you, I found my who, you know? Yeah. It’s all about who, you know, and then, I mean, it’s, it’s simple. You find, you find somebody that’s doing something you want to 99 times out of a hundred, they have somebody they can connect you with that helps them. Yep.

Reed Goossens (26:17):


Dr. Jeff Anzalone (26:17):

Sure. Take grant Cardone for instance. Yep. I was able to interview him a couple months ago on my channel. And it was because I found somebody that knew somebody that knew him. I was able to get him on there, but I didn’t know this, but him, Tony Robbins, all these big name, people guess what? They have their hoot. They, they all used the same guy to, to help them train them. So all these successful people, they have their, who that they go to. Mm-hmm it all, it’s all, everybody kind of helps everybody.

Reed Goossens (26:50):

For sure. For sure. I’d love to get, I’d love to get grant on the show. You know, if you can make an introduction, we’ll have to get him on. That brings up the next thing that, you know, it seems to segue into it and you just mention it there about the who. So do you have coaches or do, do you have a coach that helps you set the mindset and, and, and, and push you in a direction to go out and start the YouTube channel and write the blogs and put yourself out there? Or is it just, was that purely through self motivation and reading books and going to seminars,

Dr. Jeff Anzalone (27:21):

The, the self-motivation and all that got me two higher coaches that helped me with that and give me a skill. Um, at presently, the only coach that I have is a YouTube coach right now. And we meet every, every other week, but every, you know, I had a, a person to help me with the blog and, and, and articles and how to, you know, I, I can find a topic to write on that. It’s almost guaranteed. I’ll rank number one on Google. I mean, not number one on page one on Google. So I’ve been able to drive all this free traffic from Google to my site. And that’s how my site has grown without, without paying any, any money to advertise. That’s, that’s, it’s a skill that this guy taught me that, that I’ve been able to carry on. So I, so there’s been people like that.

Dr. Jeff Anzalone (28:10):

I’ve got a, a, a real estate mentor in town. That’s a billionaire that my dad went to high school with, you know, people like that, that, um, that’s one of the most important things. I think if you can find a mentor, they are more than will to help people. It’s, it’s kinda like you’re, you know, most, I was very timid to ask him, I saw him in a grocery store and, you know, its kinda like, yeah, we’ll, you know, we’ll set up time and talk, you know, I’m just thinking he’s friendly. Well, I called him and he said, um, I know your schedule’s busy and this is a billionaire. I know your schedule’s busy, Jeff. When’s a good time for you to come in and talk to me. I’m like, holy cow. You know? So that was really cool experience.

Reed Goossens (28:50):

That’s awesome. That’s so right now you you’ve had a, sounds like you’ve had a bunch of coaches over the years. Um, yeah, mm-hmm right now, right now it’s all just about the YouTube and creating content online. That’s that’s incredible. Where, where do you want the education business to go to in the future? What’s your, you sort of mission statement or, you know, north star, should I say,

Dr. Jeff Anzalone (29:11):

Well, I, I really wanna focus on those, those people that are really needing the information, the, the people that are hurting that are burning out, uh, you know, that sort of thing. So, um, I’ve just barely hit the tip of the iceberg of, of the doctors and, and physicians and dentists and healthcare professionals that, uh, that are needing this information. So I’m gonna be focusing more on speaking more live events, uh, connecting with people. I I’ve got, I think about six speaking engagements already lined up for this year. So, um, that’s, that’s what I’m focused onnow.

Reed Goossens (29:47):

That’s awesome. And, and the, we mentioned in the green room before coming on board, you’re now helping other people invest in syndications. Right. So how’s that business look like when you grow, getting involved as cogs partnering up with and, and where are you liking to invest? Because I know we mentioned in the, in the green room earlier, you like the Carolinas right now, are you looking across the country? Are you looking in your home state? Like what’s, what are you seeing in terms of, uh, commercial real estate opportunities to, to get involved with?

Dr. Jeff Anzalone (30:13):

Uh, I always tell people the most important thing is finding the group that you can trust. Kinda like if you break your arm or you have some sort of rare disease, you wanna seek out the person that’s an expert and because they know what they’re doing. So I seek first to find the groups and then, um, wherever they were, you know, and, but you also have to have your own criteria. So for instance, I’ve got two teenagers, I’m a little more risk averse, I’m more conservative. So I like to invest in things that have invest in people that have a proven track record. They’ve been doing it for a while. They’ve had deals go full cycle, they’ve got, um, I’ll be able to talk to current investors, past investors. They have the same philosophy that I, you know, value, add philosophy, not any like risky new construction.

Dr. Jeff Anzalone (31:05):

I’m from the south. Most of the ones I’m in the south, Southeast, the Carolinas, Georgia, Alabama, uh, Florida, Texas, uh, Missouri. So I I’m in that area. And because I’m, you know, I, I grew up here I’m, I’ve traveled in those areas, most of those areas. So I, I know the, the area, I know the people so that I’m more comfortable with that. That’s where I started. Mm-hmm so, so seek first the, the people and you know what it’s, and as you know, and we were talking about this before, but we started a recording. There’s, there’s just really a hand. There’s a ton of people, new syndicators, but there’s just a handful of good ones. You know, I tell people I graduate with 58 people in my class, but I only let maybe four or five work on me. , you know, they’re all doctors, but there’s only just a handful of good ones.

Reed Goossens (31:57):

That’s interesting you say that that’s, uh, that’s a good analogy. I actually really, really like that. I, I remember being an engineer. I probably, you know, I was okay. I’m not an engineer anymore. so, um, but awesome. So, uh, and what, what does this year look like for you in terms of capital raised or deals invested in or cash flow? Like you got a number that you’re trying to shoot for,

Dr. Jeff Anzalone (32:24):

You know, not really. I, I mean, I’m personally, I’m, I’m looking to, uh, replace my active income as quickly as possible. So I can exit practice to do this full time, cuz this is what I’m passionate about. Like you, you got out of your engineering, uh, job, because you want to do this. You want to help more people and, and teach it. So there’s not really a certain amount of doors to invest in or anything like that. It’s just continue to spread the word.

Reed Goossens (32:54):

And, and is, is that a time horizon, like next five years?

Dr. Jeff Anzalone (32:58):

I would say five years or less. Five

Reed Goossens (32:59):

Years less. That’s

Dr. Jeff Anzalone (33:00):

Awesome. Awesome. And I’m 47. So you

Reed Goossens (33:03):

Know, plenty of time, my friend you’re young spring chicken, right? we’ll make a look at the end of every show. We’d like to dive into the top five investing tips. Would you like to get into it?

Dr. Jeff Anzalone (33:15):

Do I have a choice?

Reed Goossens (33:16):

we can end it right now. We just get out. Do I, I need to get the five, uh, tips from you. Um, so question number one is what’s the daily habit you practice to keep on track towards your goals?

Dr. Jeff Anzalone (33:27):

I would say reading, uh, I’m a big reader. I get up, I read the Bible every morning and when I go to sleep, I’m reading something that, uh, business related or, um, something related to may continue to stay focused.

Reed Goossens (33:41):

That’s awesome. That’s awesome. Are you physically healthy as well? I assume you take like you go out and get active, get the blood pumping.

Dr. Jeff Anzalone (33:50):

Yeah, workout four or five days a week with my kids. We play tennis, so very active. Awesome.

Reed Goossens (33:55):

Love it. Question number two is what is the most influential tool in your business? And when I tool it could be a phone, it could be a journal or it could be a piece of software that you just can’t run the business without. What is it?

Dr. Jeff Anzalone (34:06):

Uh, there’s a, there’s a specific, uh, website that I’m a subscriber to called HRS, a H R E F s.com. That’s an SEO tool and I’m able to go in there and, and I can figure out any website, like your website or whoever’s website, any blog, article, whatever, throw that in there. It’ll tell me exactly all the key words that it’s ranking for. And then I can go through with my knowledge from my coach and go, okay, well, I’m gonna write the article on that and I can rank on page one of Google.

Reed Goossens (34:40):

Interesting. Yeah. Wow. That, repeat that again. A, a H E F S. Is that right?

Dr. Jeff Anzalone (34:45):

It’s a HFS, a H R E F as in Frank, S as in snake, hfs.com.

Reed Goossens (34:55):

It’s interesting. Never heard. So you’d go and Google multifamily find the first article, put that article in this thing. And then you, you now know what to, what to rank, what to write about and, and, and get the keyword, uh, search, right? Yeah,

Dr. Jeff Anzalone (35:07):

The, the, the way that I really started is I took, you know, five to seven big name, people that are syndicates or real estate influencers. I threw their website in there and it gives me thousands of keywords that they’re ranking for. And I can sift through there and figure out which ones write on. Basically, you’re just kind of looking at behind the scenes. Mm. But the cool thing is now some of these groups are hiring me to teach them how to do it so they can, so they can do it as well. So again, once you learn a skill, you can, uh, help people with

Reed Goossens (35:36):

It. That’s awesome. That’s awesome. Uh, question number three is who’s been the most influential person in your career to date

Dr. Jeff Anzalone (35:43):

Prob probably the, uh, the, um, the mentor, the billionaire mentor, local one, really that he really helped my mindset shifts as well, early on. That’s

Reed Goossens (35:52):

Awesome. That’s awesome. Question number four is, um, in one sentence, what has been the biggest failure in your career? What did you learn from that failure?

Dr. Jeff Anzalone (36:01):

On my first indication deal, I lost $50,000.

Reed Goossens (36:05):


Dr. Jeff Anzalone (36:06):

And it was a, it was a crowdfunding deal. So now, um, I avoid trying to do it in one sentence. I avoid crowdfunding deals and only focus on investing with people that I, no one on one.

Reed Goossens (36:19):

I’m gonna dig a little bit into this. Would you mention the name of the platform or no? You don’t wanna mention the name?

Dr. Jeff Anzalone (36:24):

Yeah. Um, it’s it’s it actually went under, uh, it was Realty shares.com. Oh,

Reed Goossens (36:29):

Real. I, I know Realty shares.

Dr. Jeff Anzalone (36:31):

Well, it’s it was bought out, but it was, it was the big, the big, you know, name, player back then. Yeah,

Reed Goossens (36:37):

Yeah, yeah. No, that’s, that’s it’s interesting. Well, good, good, good advice. Don’t be careful, you know, like it’s I think that that is it’s true. That lesson, because there’s so many, there’s so many of those websites out there, you gotta be careful. So going directly to the sponsor may be the better route because,

Dr. Jeff Anzalone (36:55):

Because you’re putting your trust in a website. Mm. Yeah. And they put up all these pictures and stuff, but come to find out I’ve, I’ve spoken with, with syndicators that tell me those crowdfunding sites are constantly asking them to put deals on. And it’s the other way around the crowdfunding sites are saying, oh yeah, we get all kinds of people that come to us. And we only put the best ones out there. Mm.

Reed Goossens (37:18):

Yeah, no, that’s, that’s well, good lesson learned for all the listeners. And I hope you, you know, you made your money back in tenfold in the future. Uh, last question is where can people reach you to continue the conversation they wanna be in your sphere? Where do they go?

Dr. Jeff Anzalone (37:33):

Um, I, I have a free passive income guide. They can download on my site DebtFreeDr.com, uh, slash free guide. And then on my website, uh, you’ll also see a link to my YouTube channel and, uh, they can start, um, watching my content there.

Reed Goossens (37:50):

So Jeff, some of the biggest things I took away from today’s show, I think was your ability to keep looking at new things in your life and going out and not a master, but, but, but being curious enough to go get educator, you mentioned earlier that you weren’t as it savvy as you’d like to be, but you’re going out and you’re learning about all these cool websites to, to, to rank number one on the Google, on Google’s on the first page through keyword searches. I know when I hear that my eyes glass over . So, uh, be being curious about that, you know, getting a YouTube coach, uh, and, and really leaning into what you are doing to become a master of it is in, it seems like in your nature that you’re continuing to be a student of what you’re doing as you grow and become more of an entrepreneur.

Reed Goossens (38:34):

I could only imagine all the hours you’re put in becoming a doctor through university and school. Um, so kudos to you on that. And then the, the other thing I took away from today’s show is your ability to have that self-awareness to stop and write down the things you don’t like in your business to then look to either outsource it or to do it more, uh, efficiently, uh, whether that be through bringing in, you know, uh, payroll or making them, making sure your CPA is, is, is doing that. Those are the things that I think we all have to do as entrepreneurs continuously, as we grow, as we build businesses, is just take, take that, that pause, write down the things we like to do, write down the things that we don’t like to do, and then that action and outsource it. Because again, you’re not gonna get to where you want to go with you peddling the bicycle by yourself. So, so did I leave anything out there?

Dr. Jeff Anzalone (39:23):

Uh, I think you got it, uh, wrapped it up tightly in a bow.

Reed Goossens (39:26):

Awesome mate, look, I wanna thank you again so much for coming on the show, enjoy the rest of your week and we’ll catch up very, very soon.

Dr. Jeff Anzalone (39:33):

All right. Thank you, sir.

Reed Goossens (39:35):

Well, there about another cracking episode, jampacked with an incredible episode with Jeff and all the things that he does, remember go to DebtFreeDr.com slash free guide. If you wanna be in his sphere, if you wanna get to know him a little bit more, check out his YouTube channel, because he’s got a lot of great information for other high income earners looking to get involved in the real estate space. I wanna thank you all for taking some time outta your day to tune in, to continue to grow your financial IQ, because that’s what we’re all about here on the show. And all the show notes from today’s show will be up on my website reedgoossens.com. So don’t, uh, forget to go over there and check those out. And if you do like this show, the easiest way to give back is to give it a five start review on iTunes. And we’re gonna do this all again next week. So remember be bowl, be brave and go give life a crack.