RG 309 – Building a Multi-Family Company From a Value Perspective with Salem Vanderstel

Say hello to one of our first live interview guests in Denver—Salem Vanderstel of Naked Capital Group!

Salem is the Founder of Naked Capital Group. Coming from a Chemistry and Corporate Strategy background, Salem used his talents for analytics to build ultra-high net worth asset management products at one of the world’s largest investment banks.

After discovering significant risk-adjusted returns associated with specific real estate investments, Salem diverted his energy into the real estate space. Today, he helps other investors build and manage their real estate investments through Naked Capital Group, a full-service real estate operator, advisory, and investor.

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With this quick interview, Salem gives us a glimpse into what he does at Naked Capital Group and his #1 advice for investors looking to invest in property management.

Key Takeaways

  • Paying above the market is one of the best ways to find the top talent for your business.

  • Find ways to churn around assets to discover more opportunities beyond property management.

  • Overpaying the best people is worth it.


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