Conscious Capitalism in Real Estate: Making Money and an Impact | JP Newman

Would you rather make a positive impact on your community or lots of money? 

Most people think the two simply don’t go together, especially not within the real estate industry. But today’s guest is living proof that that’s just not true. 

Meet JP Newman, the founder, CEO, and managing principal of Thrive FP. He is also a licensed real estate broker and a Certified Commercial Investment Member.

JP has worked to create a company that reflects the principles and values of conscious capitalism. His mission is to create connected communities and lighten the load of these cost-burdened residents while maintaining solid profits for his investors. 

In 2019, he even co-founded the nonprofit Veritas Impact Partners to provide health education and financial services for workforce housing residents living in his apartments.

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Today, JP and I talked about how he manages to balance purpose and profit, how he supports his tenants and creates value in his communities, his excellent resident retention, and how he makes good money along the way. 

Without further ado, let’s just right into it!


  • Intro (00:00)
  • How JP made his first dollar (01:58)
  • His transition from the film industry to real estate (03:40)
  • About Thrive FP (12:30)
  • The future of real estate (18:19)
  • Conscious capitalism in real estate (24:02)
  • Resident retention (33:52)
  • Where JP and Thrive are heading (39:24)
  • Top 5 investing tips (42:02)
  • Outro (49:42)


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