From China to Real Estate Investing in the US | Charlotte Dunford

Today, I had the honor of speaking to a truly remarkable individual.

Meet Charlotte Dunford, a full-time mobile home park syndicator at Johns Creek Capital, a private equity firm she built with her business partner in early 2020. In just 3 years, she has grown and now has an incredible portfolio. 

But what makes her truly remarkable is not just her success in real estate but the whole journey of how she got there! Charlotte was born and raised in China and moved to the US entirely alone at the age of 16 with a burning desire to make it big. Something most adults don’t dare to do! 

Well, her courage definitely paid off, and today, she’s here to share her amazing journey. 

Tune in!

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  • Intro (00:00)
  • How Charlotte made her first dollar as a kid (02:55)
  • Charlotte’s journey to the US (03:52)
  • Johns Creek Capital and how she got into real estate (08:48)
  • How she finds qualified leads (15:43)
  • Why it’s hard to work with Chinese investors (20:49)
  • What’s going on with the economy? (22:47)
  • Top 5 investing tips (25:49)
  • Outro (32:26)


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