RG 350 – The Hard Truths About Stock Investing with Paul Geddes

What is it really like to invest in stocks? Many of us focus on the rewards that we often forget about the time and effort it takes to get there. Luckily, Patrick Geddes is on the show to educate us on the realities of the stock market.

Patrick Geddes is the former Research Director and CFO at Morningstar, the co-founder and former CEO of multi-billion dollar firm Aperio Group, the author of Transparent Investing, and of the industry’s leading experts in after-tax investing.

Throughout his long and successful career, Patrick dedicated himself to fighting “self-serving bull dung” in the investment industry. He helps consumers understand what they’re getting into beyond the “feel good” moments that pull them in and protect themselves from false promises.

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Patrick shares valuable insights that every investor needs to hear, centering on becoming a rational, self-aware, and open-minded investor. We talk about understanding your options and potential in stocks, the potential advantages of having wealth advisors, the hard-to-hear truths about the investing industry, and so much more.

Don’t go into investing blind—listen to what Patrick has to say about becoming a careful yet strategic investor today.


  • The longer your horizon, the higher your stock.
  • Don’t tweak your stock distribution based on what’s going on.
  • Generally, people are bad at financial forecasting despite wanting to beat everyone else at the game.
  • Be open to what wealth advisors can offer but don’t think they have a crystal ball to look into the future.
  • Indexing is an excellent option for people who want the best retirement they can have—but not so much for investors who want to beat everyone else.


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