What’s Happening in the US Real Estate Market Right Now? w/ Brett Riggins

Knowledge is power. Especially when it comes to real estate. 

It’s what allows us to make informed decisions and create lasting wealth. 

Today, we’re joined by someone who understands and capitalizes on this very well. Meet Brett Riggins, the founder of Connect Home Buyers and Physician Wealth Systems! Brett is a 20-year veteran of the real estate business whose passion is helping people connect to the life they truly want. 

Today, he’s here to share his journey from construction and music to real estate, explain how he’s helping physicians build wealth through real estate, and explore current market conditions in the US.

If you’re a high-income earner looking for new ways to create wealth, this episode is for you!

Tune in. 

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  • 00:00 Intro
  • 01:16 How Brett made his first dollar as a kid
  • 02:47 Brett’s life before entering real estate
  • 08:09 From music to real estate
  • 14:01 Recent real estate market trends 
  • 26:12 Plan for the next 12 months
  • 28:39 Top 5 investing tips
  • 34:52 Recap and outro


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