Why You Should Invest in Multifamily Properties Right NOW | Michael Roeder

Is now a good time to invest in multifamily properties?

Many people will tell you no, but what is the market actually like right now? And what can we expect in the coming months? 

Here today to answer these questions is none other than Michael Roeder. Before transitioning to real estate, Michael was a top-performing, high net worth insurance broker for a Fortune 500 company. Later, he co-founded Granite Towers Equity Group, a private real estate equity firm. 

Michael is the general partner on over 2500 units and about $350 million worth of assets, and he’s the host of the Keeping It Real Podcast. So, you best believe he knows a thing or two about real estate. 

In this episode, we discuss the multifamily market over the last 12 months, forecast what’s coming in the next few months, and talk about best practices in asset management.

Tune in!

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  • Mike’s first job (01:33)
  • Transitioning into multifamily (03:24)
  • The multifamily market in 2023 (06:19)
  • Navigating multifamily in a challenging market (13:08)
  • Floating rate debt that’s keeping Mike awake at night (22:56)
  • Top 5 investing tips (25:33)
  • Outro (30:39)


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